This service is intended to help clients build on their progress from our 1:1 training sessions, but can also be beneficial for owners struggling with certain aspects of their dog training.  We often suggest that if they haven't already done so, clients complete a 1:1 training session with a Take My Lead trainer so that there is continuity at home, as results can be achieved much quicker.  

Our training walk consists of a one hour long walk during which your trainer will work with your dog whilst they are out and about. Updates will be given on how your dog did, with suggestions provided on what to focus on next.



Discounts if more than 3 walks a week are requested

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Dog Walking


Not just a walk in the dog park......

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At Take My Lead we understand that for a dog, walks are not only an excellent way to stay physically fit, they also provide important mental stimulation and a chance for them to relax and “just be a dog”.  All dogs enjoy walks a little differently.  Some prefer to meander and sniff interesting smells to their heart’s content.  Others simply enjoy moving around and being active. 

Our walks are therefore tailored to your dog's unique needs and preferences so they get the most out of their mini-adventure.  We make sure walks are as enriching as possible by including fun training games and "sniffari's" to provide your best friend with the attention, exercise and mental stimulation they deserve.  

Before welcoming new dogs to Take My Lead Dog Walking Services we like to visit your home for a "meet and greet".  This is a complimentary service.  It gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and your dog, let you know about our services, and for you to ask any questions you may have.

$25 FOR 30 MINUTES ($8 FOR ADDITIONAL DOG - from the same family)
$35 FOR 60 MINUTES ($12 FOR ADDITIONAL DOG - from the same family

Discounts if more than 3 walks a week are requested.

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